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Zoobies have been our #1 new toy for 2007. Our customers have been coming back for more Zoobies when ever they need a gift. Many of our customers have found them to be great travel companions. If you don’t have Zoobies in your store, you should!

Jim D., Kid's Center–Arizona, USA

Draco the Dragon was a perfect fit for my four year old’s Rainbow Dragon bedtime story. She flipped when she got in the mail. As soon as she saw her little sister (1 year old) reach for it, she ran into her room and put Draco next to her bed to make sure he would be safe.

BJ, DiscountQueens.com

I got my two kids Zoobie pets for Christmas. They love them! Thank you for making such a great children’s product.

Christy N., Colorado, USA

My 3 1/2 year old niece flipped for Kojo the Croc…thank you!

Laurie S., New York, USA

Zoobies Pets are the cutest, most loveable plush animals in the animal kingdom. The Zoobies innovative, patented 3-in-1 design makes the perfect childhood companion.

Calgary's Child Magazine, Calgary, Canada

We can never keep the Zoobies in stock; as soon as they come in, they’re flying off the shelves!

Tatiana, Seedlings – Florida, USA

Another functional line making waves is the Zoobie Pets, 12 vibrant plush jungle animals, each of which transforms into a pillow and a blanket.

Playthings Magazine

You’ve seen blankies, you’ve seen pillows, you’ve seen kids’ stuffed animals. But when have you seen all three rolled into one? These darling Zoobies manage the toy trifecta.

Arizona Daily Star

I bought these at the insistence of my daughters, Giulia and Amanda, who saw them in a magazine. It may be the best expenditure I’ve ever made at their request–they love them and sleep with them every night. 🙂

Gina S., California, USA

My daughter just received a crocodile for her bithday and LOVES it— so I have to carry these in my store!

Anne Q., Giggles Children's Clothing – New Hampshire, USA

I was so excited when I opened the Zebra Zoobie at my baby shower. They’re not only adorable, cuddly, and multi-functional…but it makes a darling decoration addition in my babies room. I was so happy to get one. I realized its the PERFECT gift idea. Not only for baby showers, but my little 2yr and 3yr old nieces absolutely love theirs!

Joelle B, Utah, USA

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