Creating the best multi-function Plush Toys for over 10 Years.

The Zoobies brand and concepts were created by two young brothers who shared a common desire to invent something that was fun, innovative, and functional. Coming from a large family of nine children, they saw the need to consolidate what one could bring on long road trips and family excursions; something to make life easier for mom.


Zoobies products have transformed the plush world. We view versatility and innovation as our top priority. The wonderful surprise factor comes through in all our products, which is why they exceed mom’s expectations.


We rate our Zoobies® products’ cuddliness level in terms of “squishability” – an expression we coined to describe just how extremely soft and snuggly our products are. Not only do our products provide the warmth and snuggles that kids need, they also provide the emotional comfort and security of that “favorite cuddly toy”.


Zoobies products are designed with mom in mind. The multi-functionality of our products means less clutter whether at home or on the go. When you have a Zoobies product, you know you have more than just a plush toy.

The Quality Guarantee

We would like to personally thank you for ordering our products. We are confident that you will enjoy and be satisfied with your purchase. High quality and innovation are our standards. We have carefully ensured that no corners have been cut in making our products the cutest, most high-end plush animals in the animal kingdom that also provide a comfy pillow and extra-cuddly blanket. We measure our success in terms of squishability™ and comfort. We personally guarantee every product to be the softest, most huggable plush toy you’ve ever squeezed—from their super-squishy microbead faces, to their extremely cuddly body fur, and on down to their soft and warm coral fleece blankets.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your Products.

Reid Smoot & JC Smoot, Creators of Zoobies

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